Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From my MYSPACE blog but I think it's worth showing here.

thought you all might get a laugh, or you know, figure out how well I do at keeping house, by knowing some of the things I have found lurking in the murky depths of our refrigerator.

1. A head of lettuce that now closely resembles road kill....I think I even saw an appendage that has begun growing. Believe that this item has been in there for three months.
2. 3 containers of leftover spagetti. Put in there with the beliefe that John may eat left over spagetti. HA. Upon opening one of the containers I believe I lost consciousness.....woke up on the kitchen floor and an hour had passed.
3. a bag containing two round, brownish green/puke collored, items.....judging from the texture I think they may have been oranges...proof that we should eat more oranges.
4. a container of brown beans.....that used to be green beans.
5. And another container of leftover spagetti!
6. Chinese that I thought I would eat for lunch the next day. The last time we ate chinese was a month before Ellie was born, she is now 11 weeks old. You do the math.
7. The most unbelievable item I found was three bottles of wine.......half unlike me to waste ANY alcohol.
8. Left over pork tenderloin that has sprouted a two inch head of hair and smells like a 300 lb man who hasn't showered in a week.
9. A jar of salsa with an expiration date of May 22, 2004.
10. Two green apples that were like apple sauce with skin.

This is why John should help do more house work. Or hire a maid....I like that idea better.

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