Friday, February 29, 2008

A man of excellence.

I received news this a.m. that my college choir teacher passed away yesterday morning. This left me devestated. Absolutely devestated. Mr. Paul Sainer was a man of excellence. That is the only way I can even begin to explain what an amazing man he truly was. Mr Sainer believed in me at a time when no one else did. As a young mother in college, working part time and not having my priorities figured out I was sometimes very CRAZY. But Mr. Sainer believed in me fully. For the 2 years I attended OCC I was able to attend on a choir scholarship that Mr. Sainer ensured that I received. He gave me private vocal lessons and taught me to take pride in the amazing gift of singing that god had blessed me with. Mr. Sainer was a man of excellence. In his family life, In his walk with God, and in his career. He was a man who touched many lives and you are a better person just for knowing him. I know that knowing him and learning from him has made my life better. To this day I remember a message that he shared with our choir class one day about mediocrity. How mediocrity surrounds us everyday. There is mediocrity in our government, our educational systems, every where and it over whelms our lives. But he didn't want it to overwhelm us as his students. He wanted us to strive for excellence. And I hope that we are all making him proud now. He was, he is, an amazing man, and I believe that partly because of him I am the woman I am today. I promise him excellence, and to never be mediocre, that's the only way to honor him properly. RIP Mr. Sainer, you will be truly missed but thank you for all of the wonderful things you have done, You will live on in all of our hearts.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All I want for my birthday...

Just follow the link and see the pink....

http://www. artgoddess. com/purses. htm"

I'm sorry that was very distasteful...please forgive me.....but I mean seriously...would someone honestly ever carry that around? Be like "hey check out my giant Vajayjay purse."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Have I mentioned how much I love

Well I do. I love it and want to marry it. You can make the coolest slide shows and then you can make your loved ones cry. Well the one I made for John made him cry anyway. And I am never really happy until I can make people I love cry. That is why I pinch Ellie and Taralyn all the time.

Here is the video I made for John.


Go to this link and Vote for Ellie! She's a top Contender!

Ugh...what's the smell? Oh it's just Monday Morning!

6:19 a.m. Taralyn is crying because she DOES NOT want to get out of bed.

Ellie has figured out that her foot moves in rotatinal movements and
finds it AMAZING!

I have swollen eyes, a new pimple on my face in the corner of my nose,
(it hurts), and my throat feels like there is a furry object lodged
inside of it. YAY it's monday and I FEEL GOOD TOO!!! It's like
God is playing a sick joke on me.

6:45 a.m. Taralyn is STILL in the shower...which means no hot water for Mommy

Ellie is enjoying her morning bottle. Which I did not get to her
fast enough...she informed me by screaming bloody murder and by
flipping me off...well she didn't realy flip me off but I think if
she knew how she so would have.

My eyes are not swollen anymore it just hurts to blink, and breathe,
and be alive. Taralyn just got out of the shower and now I get to take
my cold water shower....nothing like it to wake you up in the morning.
Did I mention John gets to sleep till at least 7:30 every morning. I'm
up at 6, nice huh?

7:15 a.m. Taralyn is dressed, had her vitamin, she still has yet to brush her
teeth, put on socks, comb her hair, get her back-pack together,
eat breakfast or get a job. Hopefully we can get all of these things
done before 8 o'clock. T minus 45 minutes and counting.

Ellie is playing quietly in her crib, my little angel, every 5 minutes
or so she lets out a high pitched squeal to let me know she is
still here...but yeah she still needs to be washed, clothed, given
her meds, and packed to go to grandmas.....ugh it's never ending....

I've had a shower, I almost feel humanly....almost. I can't shake the
urge to procrastinate though so here I sit....blogging.

7:55 a.m. Taralyn has successfully gotten herself ready. I love that about
her age....she can do most anything for herself, she can help me with
the baby, and she actually wants to do it. 7 more years...when she is
a teenager I am so screwed. But right now she is PERFECT.

Ellie has made it through yet another morning of high speed getting
ready. It's a dangerous sport made only for the tough....and she
is hanging in there.

and I made it through another morning! I only had to yell at Taralyn
1 or 2 or 12 times. I only thought about crying once, and we are all
three still alive! I am a GOOD MOM!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Her Royal Highness: Princess Cuteness

Ellie had a biter biscuit today.
And then we had a bath....and she was LOVING the water today.
That's my baby...oh how I love her!

If you ever had to call it off with a dude...

This would be the perfect way to do it. Always good to have a back-up plan. Even better if the back-up plan is named Matt Damon.

It's a BLOG!!!!

First Blog! Whoo hoo! And what am I going to write about?

I'm going to write about how today I realized that I know every word to every theme song for all the shows on the Disney Channel....Hannah Montanna, Phil of the Future, The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody, Life with Derrek, How on earth do I have all these songs commited to memory? Why does my daughter watch so much TV and why do they make all those songs so darn catchy?

In other news. Taralyn came back from her dads today. She is getting to that age now where she can help me with stuff around the house and I tell you what, IT IS AWESOME! She tried to help me vacume today and she did the dusting for me. She did a great job! She has also started helping me do laundry and I think within the next 6 months I'll be able to hire her out so she can start bringing in some income! Really though it is great that she has become so helpful. Plus, she is so great with Ellie...I don't know what I would do without her she is my mini me...and I love it!

Ellie is amazing as always. I'm going to enter her in a beautiful baby contest. CILFM is a radio station from St. Louis and they are having one this month so I am going to send her picture in. I know I am just a mom and think that I have one of the most beautiful babies to ever grace the face of the earth but I'd just liek to see if anyone else agrees with me so I am going to go ahead and send her picture in...just for fun!

so that's about it for my first blog! Stay tuned there will be more coming at you soon!