Friday, February 29, 2008

A man of excellence.

I received news this a.m. that my college choir teacher passed away yesterday morning. This left me devestated. Absolutely devestated. Mr. Paul Sainer was a man of excellence. That is the only way I can even begin to explain what an amazing man he truly was. Mr Sainer believed in me at a time when no one else did. As a young mother in college, working part time and not having my priorities figured out I was sometimes very CRAZY. But Mr. Sainer believed in me fully. For the 2 years I attended OCC I was able to attend on a choir scholarship that Mr. Sainer ensured that I received. He gave me private vocal lessons and taught me to take pride in the amazing gift of singing that god had blessed me with. Mr. Sainer was a man of excellence. In his family life, In his walk with God, and in his career. He was a man who touched many lives and you are a better person just for knowing him. I know that knowing him and learning from him has made my life better. To this day I remember a message that he shared with our choir class one day about mediocrity. How mediocrity surrounds us everyday. There is mediocrity in our government, our educational systems, every where and it over whelms our lives. But he didn't want it to overwhelm us as his students. He wanted us to strive for excellence. And I hope that we are all making him proud now. He was, he is, an amazing man, and I believe that partly because of him I am the woman I am today. I promise him excellence, and to never be mediocre, that's the only way to honor him properly. RIP Mr. Sainer, you will be truly missed but thank you for all of the wonderful things you have done, You will live on in all of our hearts.

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